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I'm helping people, your running guns! Big difference

I'm almost sick with tired and nerves so I'm just going to get straight to the point not much at all happened yesterday so I have nothing exciting to tell you.

The answer was MST3K -Crow, Joel

TV Scores:

Sarah: 304
Daniel: 212
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 179

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 79
Daniel: 69
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 42
Hannah: 37

New Quote:

C1: You know the lights are on in your Jeep?
C2: searching for keysOh yeah, the porch light’s out and it was dark so I left the Jeep on for the light. Could you lift, please?
C1: (while lifting the couch) But the battery’s going to die.
C2: Oh, no, I timed it. It takes 12 hours for the battery to wear out. I go to work at eight o’clock, giving me two hours to spare and a whole day to recharge. Not here either. Down, please.
(C1 puts the couch back down)
C1: Why don’t you just change the porch light?
C2: Have you seen how dirty it is up there? With those creepy moths that fly in your face, and you could swallow one, and end up with some weird hand-to-mouth-to-moth disease –
C1: There’s no such thing.
C2: Oh, no? Did you see Mothman Prophecies?
C1: Yes.
C2: Oh, well, okay then. Did you see the sequel?
C1: There’s a sequel?
C2: Yes. It is a heartbreaking saga in which Richard Gere gets a life threatening disease from changing a dirty porch light.
C1: There was no sequel.
C2: Well, it’s still really gross up there.

Good luck!
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