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Well, since they're probably planning on killing you if you say anything else, I'd suggest "yes." yesterday wasn't overly eventful except that since it was Tuesday we went for cheap movie times and we decided to go to 2 movies (2 for the price of not even one!). The original plan was for Mom and me to go see Harry Potter and Dan and Dad to go see War. Turns out, Harry Potter isn't playing in a lot of theatres right now and War doesn't even come out until next weekend. Or this weekend? Regardless, it's not out the movie we knew we were going to see was Rush Hour 3 and the we narrowed the other one down to either The Invasion or Stardust (clearly 2 vastly different movies). So in the end we saw The Invasion. I shall try to give reviews without giving anything away.

The Invasion - We saw this one first because we were going to be driving home fairly late at night so we decided we should end the night with the comedy and start with the...not comedy. I enjoyed it. Granted, Daniel Craig used his accent which pleasantly surprised me (in my head all I could hear as I was typing that was Hannah in the Stalkers Anonymous commercial..."my stalker never stops pleasantly surprising me" lol...that's a little off topic...) because I thought from the previews that he wasn't going to use his accent. Nicole didn't, but I never expected her to. There were only a couple of "icky" things as I call yeah. I really liked the style of the could see the future and present happening kind of at the same time...I can't really explain it. Anyway...good movie

Rush Hour 3 - Also a good movie, but not as good as the first one. As usual I love Jackie Chan and I'm lukewarm about Chris Tucker...but still some good times. I don't know what else to say. It was funny. If you're not a huge Jackie Chan/Rush Hour fan then it's not necessary to see it in theatres. Oh but the French cab driver is great. Definitely 2 enthusiastic thumbs up for him!

So that was my yesterday. Didn't get home until...1ish so I slept in today. The end. I keep wanting to make icons and stuff but I haven't quite found the time. Maybe today will be the day!

The answer yesterday was: The Office - Jim and Pam

TV Scores:

Sarah: 301
Daniel: 212
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 179

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 79
Daniel: 69
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 42
Hannah: 37

New Quote:

(Playing the makeshift board game based on the movie)
C1: I'm the girl, so I'll just move one piece... wanna move it for...?
C2: Okay...
C1: Okay. Ah, you see, it's glued down. And you can't move it. It's just like the movie! Nobody moves! hahaha! In fact nobody moves at all! For over forty-five minutes! haha! It, it's enough to numb your brain. They sit and talk, and nothin' happens and, and then - cripes, Frank Conniff has more action than this! You think something might happen and your spirit soars but, but all that happens is the blonde girl changes, and she's not even that cute, and the Cuban guy mumbles and suddenly the Captain, and everyone just drinks more and... and then they're only thinking of kissing, and they keep feeling and then I... can't... can't tell... what they're saying! (bursts into tears)

Good luck!
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