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Any uniform store will sell you a messenger outfit and any messenger can get past a security desk

Ok so yesterday was my parents actual anniversary so...well, we didn't actually do anniversary things during the day. We did our shopping...oh! and I got a cute dress for $5; it'll definitely look better on me if I can ever manage to not be...the size that I am :P It was so nice and cute and comfortable...the issue is that it's superduper form fitting, which is probably why it was on sale. I have high hopes though. Maybe I can get a slip that makes it Anyway, even if I can't it can be my "house dress". I will find a way! I mean $5? It was marked down from like...$46 so I figured, why not? So back to the day...we did our shopping and then we came home (fascinating life I lead, eh?) and then Dan and I took them out for dinner to Crabby Joe's. The service was a bit slow but the waitress (who I think must have been new) was sooooo perky and happy, which is nice to see, and all she seemed to be allowed to do was take our order, bring us our drinks (which she brought with a pitcher of coke so we didn't have to bother her too much about refills I know sometimes it seems lazy but it didn't with her because it was busy in there so it made sense), and...refill the pitcher of coke...somebody else brought our food, somebody else cleared the table, somebody else brought the bill...Of course they messed up on the bill so we flagged our "real" waitress down to get it fixed (we had these coupons things for free garlic bread and they charged us for them! I think it was because our waitress wasn't allowed to ring up a bill yet or didn't know how or whatever...) Then we came home and watched Burn Notice and Monk, and I'm just going to say, I really enjoyed BN this week...well, last week technically...( but I still think that as much as I like Fiona's character, Burn Notice/Michael is too good for her. That's the end of that story.

Soooo today nothing much has really happened. That sums up my life. My dad has yet to upload the pictures of Carianne's wedding from his camera so no news on that front. I do have one though that I can show you that I stole from somebody else so you can get a "taste":

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*sigh* it's so weird that she's married!!!

Alright so the answer yesterday was Psych - Psych and Gus (Sarah, I can't believe you called him Shawn! I was so confused, I thought I wasn't reading your comment anymore!)

TV Scores:

Sarah: 298
Daniel: 212
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 178

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 79
Daniel: 69
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 42
Hannah: 37

Here's the new Quote:

C1: Last night on Trading Spouses there's... did you see it?
C2: No, I have a life.
C1: Interesting, what's that like?
C2: You should try it some time.
C1: Wow. But then who would watch my TV?

Good luck and have a great day!!
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