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Me? I get to be the psycho. Trust me, that's the hard part. HA!

I'm grumpy and have a wanted to use my Burn Notice icon (thanks Sarah!) is pretty much the same around here except I'm stressed and unhappy about 75% of the time but that's not really "news".

Oh! We saw The Bourne Ultimatum yesterday...enthusiastic 2 thumbs up! Really really really intense though...there are a couple of laughs near the end but other than that...crazy times! So there was some shaky cam again (as there was in the 2nd movie) but with the Bourne movies I accept it because the movie is so good. If a movie that isn't good has the shakiness then I just get frustrated. Anyway, my plan is to one day have money to buy all 3 Bourne movies in a set.

Also, remind me not to look at imdb message boards...or ohnotheydidn't comments ever again ever!! They just get me so riled up and I have enough of that in my life already. There was somebody on imdb who asked if Matt Damon had a really noticeable American accent when speaking the other languages which was a valid and interesting question. The response? I'll quote so I can't be told it was a joke or out of context or anything:

"Duhhhhhh. It was dubbed, Matt like the majority of Americans only speak English!!!"

I just have no words! Then on ohnotheydidn't there is somebody who HATES Masi Oka and the Hiro character. How is that even possible??? Of all the characters you could not like, Hiro??? Stupid people! It makes me so mad. So I'm going to stop ranting.

The answer yesterday was The Office - Dwight and Jim

TV Scores:

Sarah: 283
Daniel: 206
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 172

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 77
Daniel: 65
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 42
Hannah: 37

New Quote:

C1: (crickets can be heard over the soundtrack) Crickets are trying to drown out the soundtrack.
C2: Go crickets!

I can't remember if I've used this one before but not recently if I have! So good luck and I hope everyone else has a better day than me!
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