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Reading week is coming!

I haven't updated in a while, but here I am! Next week is reading week and I am VERY excited about that...except that I have soooooo much to do...but I'm ignoring that for now. I'll be able to do everything on my own schedule from the comfort of my own home, so there! Translation: I prob'ly won't get anything done 'cause I don't have to go to school and I'll be at home. Ah well, it happens every year.

This weekend is our road trip to Sault Ste Marie! I'm pumped! I have the directions memorized...good for me! Turn left where we normally turn right! Turn right where we usually turn right! Yay me!

And terrible movie night is this Thursday! Am I excited...I don't really know. I got sucked into it by Jennifer so I guess I'll work at getting pumped. Yay for Steven Seagal...I suppose.

See ya all later!
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