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Sleeeeeep, go home and sleep some more...

I'm soooo tired! I shouldn't be 'cause overall I got enough sleep...maybe it's just that I just woke up and I'm SO HOT. I don't know what's up with life. Anyway, Sarah and David are now gone, they left at 2:45 or so this morning so Sarah and UB could go be extras. She's prob'ly about a million times tireder than I am.

Just to catch you up: Live Free or Die Hard, License to Wed, and Transformers get 6 enthusiastic thumbs up. They are all good. I don't know what my favourite out of all of them would be...if I had to pick I'd prob'ly say Die Hard.

So I'm sorry I missed was pretty crazy 'round here. I'm not going to post a movie quote this week 'cause I'm running late (my alarm didn't go off...good thing it went off earlier!!)

Saturday's quote was Seinfeld - Jerry and Elaine. Sarah M guessed in person so I'm giving her points also

TV Scores:

Sarah: 240
Daniel: 200
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 142

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 64
Daniel: 62
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 36
Hannah: 15

New Quote:

C1: What just happened here?
C2: I think your dad just made his first play date
C1: It's not funny!
C2: It is
C1: He gave away my custom...something...something pole...I loved that thing!

Good luck!
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