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Hip hip hooray for a day off!!


Well, I had a day off today and it was FAN-tastic. My only problem with days off is that if I don't plan ahead what to do, I just end up wasting the day away. I really should take up a hobby or something, but I dunno what.

Anyway, today definitely wasn't completely wasted (hooray!) because I went out, like out of Drayton...and not on grocery shopping business! Not only did I get out, but I also got to go with two of my favourite people - Sarah and Jennifer. We went first to McDonalds (to make Jonathan's day that much better) and then to Zellers to help Jennifer get Heather a gift for her wedding shower. We ended up getting three fantastical picture frames (she's gonna love 'em!) and Sarah got some new way-cool hair dye.

Other than that, I played the sims (although I couldn't get my Spiderman or Sailor Moon skin things to work) and I watched Jumanji ( I love Kirsten Dunst. She just amazes me, but then again, that's not really hard to accomplish).

I'm still sipping away at my refill from McDonalds ( I was driving, I couldn't drink at the same time!)

Anyway, have a great day my non-existent readers. I bid you farewell.
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