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I even got enough sleep last night. *shrug*


Quote 1 - The Fifth Element - Bruce Willis (Corbin) and Milla Jovovich (Leeloo...that's how they spell it at imdb anyway)

Quote 2 - Cobra - Cobra (Sylvester Stallone) and Night Slasher...apparently he had no real name (Brian Thompson)

Quote 3 - Lethal Weapon 2 - Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Leo (Joe Pesci)

Quote 4 - True Lies - Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Quote 5 - Die Hard! - John McClane (Bruce Willis) and Hans Grüber (Alan Rickman)

So here are the scores:

TV Scores:

Sarah: 210
Daniel: 187
Jennifer: 110
Sarah: 120

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 61
Daniel: 60
Jennifer: 81
Sarah: 36
Hannah: 15

I was fairly lenient...spelling didn't count (it never does :P) and I did accept descriptions of characters this time. So good work people!

Oh and the random other quote was Milo Ventimiglia or Peter(Heroes)/Jess(Gilmore Girls)

New quote:

C1: Why does everything have to be 'us'? Is there no 'me' left? Why can't there be some things just for me? Is that so selfish?
C2: Actually, that's the definition of selfish.

Now I must go find drugs to take care of this headache. Until tomorrow!
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