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Oh the good times...

Sorry this is so late but I was unexpectedly (sort of) called away for stuff and things and was away last night. I just got home and now I'm reveling in the heaven that is air conditioning...It was quite the unbelievably hot ride home. My mind is completely mushified. True story.

So, the answer yesterday was Seinfeld - Kramer, Elaine, Jerry

TV Scores:

Sarah: 199
Daniel: 187
Jennifer: 110
Sarah: 114

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 54
Daniel: 39
Jennifer: 59
Sarah: 28
Hannah: 15

The only people who guessed were Sarahs...weird times! Not really and I'm sure it's happened before but might I point out once again my mushy brain?

Here's the new quote:

C1: Dude! That's a good idea! I ditch out of work on the day we release 3 new products to spend time on an unsolveable case in which we won't get paid and someone else gets all the credit.
C2: That, quite honestly, is some of the best nutshelling I've ever heard.

Good luck!
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