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Another day, another quote

So the answer yesterday was MST3K - Crow and Tom Servo (although it wasn't Jack Frost...I see why you would have thought that though)

TV Scores:

Sarah: 195
Daniel: 187
Jennifer: 110
Sarah: 110

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 54
Daniel: 39
Jennifer: 59
Sarah: 28
Hannah: 15

So here's the new quote:

C1: Listen. Heads up, I'm gonna have to stop by later and pick up a fax.
C2: At work?
C1: No. At your apartment.
C2: I don't have a fax machine.
C3: Here we go.
C1: Well, now what are we gonna do? (to C3) See? This is why you should get a fax and a Xerox.
C3: And a dead bolt.
C1: (to C2) Are ya sure you don't have one? Because there's a lot of stuff in my apartment I've never seen.
C2: Then maybe you have a fax machine.
C1: You just blew my mind.

Good Luck
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