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The raven crows only at midnight. Dusk is for the rooster’s cackle.

Pretty imaginative, eh? Well, once again it's a stolen quote...oh well.

Sorry about not updating yesterday but I was unexpectedly here I am back again today! Let's just say I'm glad that I got such a good night's sleep on Friday night (not enough sleep, but what I had was good...I had no randomly waking up moments or anything) because last night I couldn't stay asleep. I was so hot! The thing is, even though I couldn't sleep because of the heat, if I was just lying there I would think "It's actually not too bad in here..." but I felt like I was suffocating. Weird and bad times. Even when I woke up. This is going to be one hot summer, that's my prediction. I will probably not survive the whole thing. Oh well. I've led a good and decent life.

So I better post the new quote 'cause I gotta have a cup of tea or something before church...although maybe not's too the answer yesterday...or rather Friday... was: Friends - Chandler and Rachel

TV Scores:

Sarah: 179
Daniel: 178
Jennifer: 96
Sarah: 101

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 48
Daniel: 35
Jennifer: 49
Sarah: 28
Hannah: 15

Congrats to Sarah from breaking 100!

Movie Quote:
C1: Have you considered the cost of such a machine?
C2: Price is not an object.
C1: Yes, but have you considered the *cost*?

Good luck! And have a good day...stay cool, soda pop~!
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