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So tired...

Ok so all my catching up on sleep was for naught because I "slept" over at Sarah's on Friday and got like...I think a maximum of 5 hours sleep...something like that. Then I spent yesterday morning helping Sarah look for a dress. We never found one she liked, but she did get a sewing machine so now she can make a dress...sort of...she's going to change her prom dress so that it's not so prom dressy. She's quite ambitious. I would never buy a sewing machine. Mostly because I can't sew. I have a pillow that looks like a 5 year old put it together and a stocking that brings back embarrassing memories of my home ec teacher making me let her finish so she could go home (I knew that if I didn't finish it at the school I would never ever finish it). So yeah. My plan is essentially to never sew again.

Alright well I have to get ready for church so here we go, the answers for yesterday and Friday are:

Psych - Lassiter & Psych
Friends - Chandler & Joey

TV Scores:

Sarah: 170
Daniel: 168
Jennifer: 90
Sarah: 93

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 48
Daniel: 35
Jennifer: 49
Sarah: 28
Hannah: 15

New Quote:

C1: Where are you off to?
C2: The office. Where do you think?
C1: The office? On Sunday?
C2: Today is Wednesday.
C1: Wednesday?

I'm sure this isn't a famous famous quote...but the movie is fairly well known. Anyway, gotta run! Have a good day!

(p.s. I feel like Brad looks in my icon)
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