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O temps, suspends ton vol!

There's just something about French poetry...if I didn't have to understand it and analyze it I'd really enjoy reading it. It's so must have something to do with the language.

Well..I'm into my third week back and it's so crazy stressful...but on a nicer note, only a few...well, quite a few...weeks to go until reading week. I think there are like, I looks like they didn't really split the year up evenly to me...honestly, sometimes I wonder if the people who run this school actually went to school. I mean, get a grip! I could run this better than them. First off, teacher shouldn't get preferential treatment when it comes to parking! What's with that? Are the teachers paying thousands of dollars for the privilege of teaching us? I doubt it. Are we paying them thousands of dollars to be worked off our feet and then have to park miles away from everything? You bet we are! Is there something wrong with this system? Ummm...why yes, yes there is.

Well, aside from my bitter diatribe against the parking conditions (and I didn't even get into the strange rooms they put my classes in) there isn't too much to report. I'm tired. I have to leave for school in about an hour. Oooh! Yesterday though I left my drink in the car because I like to have something to drink on the ride home and I have 3 classes before I can leave. I had my very own frozen coke! It was very cool (obviously...but you know what I mean).

Oh yeah! And this guy, whose been in almost all my classes since first year, apparently this week he's off skating in like, the Ontario championships...I have to say, I was shocked. Don't figure skaters have to practise like, a lot? He has time to spend figure skating? And he's not a bad student either, in fact...he's a pretty good one! 'S with that???? So everybody root for him, his name is Karl and I think he skates, like, tomorrow...or something...I don't know...

Well, I'll see y'all later! Keep smilin'!

Apparently it's not the Ontario's the national championship...I wish I had that kind of motivation!
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