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Sorry I'm a bit late...

Essentially it's because, well, let's just say my life sucks and leave it at that. So yeah. That's all. Not too much has been going on around these parts...we played some euchre last night and watched the Smoking episode of NewsRadio...oh the good times! "I don't think that could be considered 'cracking' do you?" lol

So the answer yesterday was MST3K and the shock of the day is that it was JOEL, Crow, and Tom Servo

TV Scores:

Sarah: 152
Daniel: 161
Jennifer: 86
Sarah: 80

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 45
Daniel: 35
Jennifer: 49
Sarah: 28
Hannah: 12

New Quote:

C1: There is this dog in the courtyard across from my bedroom window that never, ever stops barking. I lost my voice just screaming at this thing. I can't sleep. I can't work. I mean, I just moved. I can't move again. What am I gonna do? What? What am I gonna do?
C2: Well, there is something you can do.
C1: What? I'll do anything.
C2: Well, what if there should be an unfortunate accident?
C3: You're gonna rub out the dog?

Good luck!
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