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Soooo tired...

It's soooo hot up here! Downstairs is usually nice and cool but up here it's like living in a fire. My stupid spacebar keeps getting stuck. Stupid LIFE

So anyway not much new on the home front here...My room is much cleaner though. So, yay.

The answer yesterday was Gilmore Girls- Lorelai and Sookie (and yes, they were discussing Michel)

Apparently the left side of the space bar works better...oh wait...never mind. Both sides suck. Hey! I fixed it! It thought it could get me...but I am obviously awesomer than it thought. I love that this keyboard is clear so I could see what was wrong! It makes me feel smart and stuff.

So anyway here are the scores (with Dan's from yesterday added have a horrible habit of guessing at the exact same time I'm updating! What's with that???)

TV Scores:

Sarah: 138
Daniel: 147
Jennifer: 81
Sarah: 69

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 31
Daniel: 30
Jennifer: 30
Sarah: 21
Hannah: 6

So here is the new quote:
C1: Have you noticed how not a single power plant in not a single movie has never been locked or inaccessible?

Ain't it the truth? Good luck and have a good day!
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