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Oh my word...

I was going to try to make an actual entry but I can't deal because I was watching Heroes and the minutes don't work...but they like...skip around so I saw things...horrifying things... but I still don't know how the episode ends!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! So since I'm in no shape to do any updating...

answer: Seinfeld - George & Jerry

TV Scores:

Sarah: 118
Daniel: 127
Jennifer: 81
Sarah: 59

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 27
Daniel: 25
Jennifer: 26
Sarah: 16
Hannah: 6

New quote:

C1: What is it, you see something?
C2: Red Pepper Flakes.
C1: What is that, a clue or something?
C2: No, it's a delicious spice, and exactly what my crab needs!

Now I'm SO MAD!!!! Dad was mocking me about Heroes 'cause I'm so agitated and Dan didn't even understand because he hasn't started it and he isn't anywhere NEAR as obsessed with this stupid show as I am. My other shows I don't get this upset about but Heroes I do.

Right now I HATE EVERYONE!!!!!!!! Well...Mom did nothing to deserve my fury so she is off the hook...but everyone else!!!!!!!!! I don't have an angry icon! Stupid LIFE!
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