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*whew*, what a week! wasn't really a week but we did about a week's worth of stuff for birthdayukah since it was supposed to be a week but we've run out of the luxury called time...It's really weird to come back to real life! So here's a basic rundown of the good times:

Thursday - We got there mid-afternoon, went all over Newmarket shopping for birthdayukah gifts...and Moonlighting, watched stuff (The Office - hilarious, Supernatural - weird/crazy jail times, Grey's - argh! This one really deserves a whole rant but I'm not up to it)

Friday - Moonlighting fest started at 9 (with eggs~!) and season five turned out to be pretty good and hilarious times...with the exception of the last 7 minutes of episode 1 and the season finale. My advice to you is don't get hooked on Moonlighting, it'll only break your heart. Then later that night was the drive-in where we saw Disturbia (which for me was the second time) and Perfect Strangers. Ok so here is my advice Disturbia is worth watching...I don't know if you necessarily have to see it in theatres (although the intense times are probably more intense on the big if you tend to scream either see it at the drive in or rent it :P) As for Perfect the HECK! Bruce Willis was in it. That is pretty much ALL it had going for it. I'm not a huge Halle Berry fan (travesty I know...) and the plot...what there was of one...sucked. The best part was that we were able to MST3K it because we were in a car and away from people. But you could rent it later and laugh at the weird times and guess that EVERYONE did it...or not...and just go on living your life without witnessing that sucktacular movie :P

Saturday - Hot Fuzz!! Hilarious times. No Joke. It's an excellent and funny movie. For the power of Greyskull! We also rewatched some of our own videos we've made in the past (The Emo (that one was just Sarah, Nat,and family), Summer Secrets, Lightning Fist, Silent Movie, Kung Fu Kitty...oh the good times!!!) and read some more of The Heart of the Sun

Sunday - Sarah went to a shower and I watched an hour and a half of Whose Line is It Anyway? (Oh Collin and Ryan...) and then we played our mystery birthdayukah gift: Scene it? Friends. We also discovered I have a weird memory that only recalls stupid unnecessary information...most of it relating to tv/movies...It's an awesome game though! True story.

So now on to quote of the are the answers:

1. Friends - Chandler and Phoebe
2. MST3K - Servo, Mike
3. Gilmore Girls - Rory, Lorelai

Movie - Miss Congeniality - Eric Matthews (Benjamin Bratt) and Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock)

TV Scores:

Sarah: 115
Daniel: 124
Jennifer: 81
Sarah: 59

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 27
Daniel: 25
Jennifer: 26
Sarah: 16
Hannah: 6

Good work!!

New quote:

C1: You know, it was really very wrong of you to back out on that deal.
C2: I didn't make a deal, I just shook your hand.
C1: Yeah, well that's a deal where I come from.
C2: We come from the same place.

Good luck!
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