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Good times...

So Gilmore Girls was so good! I was very happy. Except that Rory didn't get the thing...but for some reason I didn't expect her to. Probably because she already turned down the other job already.

So again, not much to report. Life continues as usual

The answer yesterday was : Seinfeld - Kramer and Jerry

TV Scores:

Sarah: 106
Daniel: 120
Jennifer: 77
Sarah: 54

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 24
Daniel: 25
Jennifer: 26
Sarah: 11
Hannah: 4

Good work!

New quote:

C1: What are you doing here?
C2: Nice! Is that the way you greet all the people who come through your door?
C1: That's exactly how I greet everyone. Maybe that's why business is down, hmmm...
C2: Are you going to invite me in?
C3: Oh yeah, please....
C1: (cutting off C3) Ohhh...this could be a trick. What's the rule with vampires? Don't they have to be invited in?
C3: What are you talking about?
C1: You've seen Lost Boys 14 times, what's the rule?
C3: (exasperated) You're on your own!

Good luck!
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