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Do do do do doooo...

Unfortunately I still haven't watched Heroes yet because of the stupid rate of downloading or whatever but it's all good 'cause Dan's going to give me his that came in at a regular speed...and no new HIMYM! What is UP with that show? It was a'ight in the beginning but's, every other other week...

So not much to report here. Yesterday was shopping day. We got done freakishly early which was, needless to say, freaky. Why do people say needless to say? Is it because they realise halfway through their sentence that what they're saying is stupid since they've already implied it? Hmmm...

So yesterday's quote was from Gilmore Girls - Rory, Luke, Lorelai

TV Scores:

Sarah: 106
Daniel: 117
Jennifer: 77
Sarah: 51

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 21
Daniel: 25
Jennifer: 26
Sarah: 11
Hannah: 4

So here's the new quote:

C1: It’s a write off for them.
C2: How is it a write off?
C1: They just write it off.
C2: Write it off of what?
C1: They just write it off!
C2: You don't even know what a write off is, do you?
C1: No. Do you?
C2: No I don't!!

Good luck!

Oh and I was watching some Moonlighting and so here are some awesome quotes to make you laugh:

David: And then last night, an idea hit me!
Maddie: Left a bruise, I hope.
David: Who is the one person out there, who is spreading happiness and joy out there in the world?
Maddie: Steven Spielberg?

Maddie Hayes: David, may I please have some ANSWERS?!
David Addison: Delaware, all of the above, 90 degrees.

Maddie: There are no clients... There never have been any clients...There aren't going to be any clients...are there?
David: I'm not sure I understand the question.
Maddie: Have you EVER had a client?
David: What?...You mean at this particular location?

David: Did I happen to mention, did I bother to disclose, this man that we're seeking with a mole on his nose? I'm not sure of his clothes, or anything else... Except he's Chinese, a big clue by itself.
Maddie: How do you do that?
David: Gotta read alot of Dr. Suess.

Soooooo excited for Birthdayukah!!
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