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Ok so last night I had a really weird dream...

I totally cannot remember most of it...Sarah M and I were organizing some kind of church event at a church I had never seen before in my life...and we were staying in a seperate house from my parents like when I was in Drayton but we lived in the same town and my dad wasn't answering the phone so we were trying to get a ride and just sitting outside the church. Then Derek Kramer came by on a HORSE and I was like, hey Derek can you give us a ride back to my house if you're going back that way? So he said as soon as he was done he would. Anyway we never ended up getting a ride because he never finished what he was doing before I woke we were sitting on these church steps with piles of stuff trying to "plan"...something. That I can't figure out what it was.

In other news everything went pretty well yesterday. We went to the 25th Anniversary party and there were some good times to be had. The only problem, obviously, is that it takes 3 hours to get home from there so we had to leave at 8 :( and we didn't get home until 11 something (we went to a Tim Hortons and had to stop for gas). So I'm all exhausted now.

The answer yesterday was in fact MST3K - Mike and Crow (well, technically Crow and Mike)

TV Scores:

Sarah: 106
Daniel: 113
Jennifer: 73
Sarah: 51

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 18
Daniel: 20
Jennifer: 21
Sarah: 8
Hannah: 4

Alright! So now for the movie quote of the day...

C1: What about them?
C2: Serial killers. Serial killers only have two names. You ever notice that? But lone gunmen assassins, they always have three names. John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Mark David Chapman...
C1: John Hinckley. He shot Reagan. He only has two names.
C2: Yeah, but he only just shot Reagan. Reagan didn't die. If Reagan had died, I'm pretty sure we probably would all know what John Hinckley's middle name was.

Good luck and have a great day!

p.s. I'm really excited because I finally found the special Grey's Anatomy thing with Denny hosting it...I just noticed it's his birthday today...the end
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