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Well not much to report yet again...yesterday was shopping day. So I went shopping. We got food. We will therefore be able to eat for another week. Yay.

Also, I have a strange bruise on each of my elbows which I don't understand. I don't play hockey. I don't do anything that I can think of with my elbows. So weird times. I just noticed when I went to bed a couple of nights ago that when I rolled over it was owey times so the next morning I asked Dad if my elbow looked funny (I couldn't see it 'cause my head doesn't bend that way and I didn't think of using a mirror) and he said there was a big bruise on it so I went and checked and there was a big bruise on both of them!! What the heck! So that's the most exciting thing of today.

So the answer yesterday was MST3K - Crow and Mike (one day I will use Joel and fool you all!) with special reference to Monty Python lol.

TV Scores:

Sarah: 94
Daniel: 98
Jennifer: 70
Sarah: 45

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 18
Daniel: 20
Jennifer: 21
Sarah: 8
Hannah: 3

New Quote:

C1: You're moving to New York?
C2: Pretty much.
C1: Which is an hour away.
C2: Actually, it's an hour and twenty minutes.
C1: That's so much closer than London!
C2: You've been brushing up you geography, huh?

Good luck!
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