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Do do do do doooo...

Well nothing new here, unless my alarm not going off is world breaking news. So...

The quote yesterday was from "The Holiday" (I really enjoy that movie! Mr. Napkinhead...You know how sometimes you remember liking a movie in theatres and then you get and think...oh...maybe it's not as good as I remember it and then you watch it and it totally is? If you don't, then that's ok...I can be a bit of a weirdo sometimes...) and the people were Jack Black - Miles and Dustin Hoffman as himself

TV Scores:

Sarah: 91
Daniel: 95
Jennifer: 70
Sarah: 43

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 18
Daniel: 20
Jennifer: 21
Sarah: 8
Hannah: 3

Good work everyone! You all participated! That always makes me more excited than I should be. I'm quite seriously the most easily pleased person I know.

New Quote:
watching an African dance number
C1: Oh, they turned 'Leech Woman' into a musical.
C2: Is this Confuse-A-Cat?

Good luck!
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