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Sorry this is so late...

Peter was here and I had to play the piano at church today so I was super duper stressed...then we went to Crabby Joe's for lunch. Anyway, it's too bad my birthday wasn't last week 'cause Peter gave me Die Hard 3 for my birthday so it would have been more appropriate for today's quote...oh well!

So the answer yesterday: Friends - Joey, Ross, Chandler

TV Scores:

Sarah: 91
Daniel: 95
Jennifer: 70
Sarah: 43

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 14
Daniel: 18
Jennifer: 16
Sarah: 5
Hannah: 1

Here's the new quote...don't forget it's a movie!!

C1: Holds up a copy of "The Graduate" on DVD Uh oh...”Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio...”? I bet you didn't know, it was all written for the movie, it was a score, technically.
C2: I can't believe this... I can't go anywhere.

Good luck!
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