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I haven't decided if I like this icon or not...

I"m in a pretty good mood right now so that's a plus! I did pretty good for my birthday yesterday. I had already got The Holiday, Stranger Than Fiction, soap stuff, and McD's coupons last weekend 'cause I'm having a birthday that lasts for 3 weekends apparently. You can't beat that...oh 4 'cause of birthdayukah! So yesterday Auntie Cathy was here and she said that she would get me the new Newsboys cd when it comes out (apparently it hasn't...unless you're in Hanover where the Christian book store is apparently the Sunny's of the area) and I got Tostitos and that jar of cheese/salsa type stuff which is bad for you but delicious at the same time ;) I also got the complete works of Oscar Wilde which is awesome! I have sooo much reading to do now! Plus it's in a big and important looking book. Oh Oscar. Also Dan gave me Coffee and Kung Fu which is a book about a girl who is really into Jackie am I! Maybe we can watch City Hunter today! I love that movie!

Ok so...that's it for me for now. The answer yesterday was indeed Psych - Juliet, Lassiter, and Psych

TV Scores:

Sarah: 89
Daniel: 93
Jennifer: 66
Sarah: 39

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 14
Daniel: 18
Jennifer: 16
Sarah: 5
Hannah: 1

Good work guys! Here is the new quote:

C1: Don't you have any respect for your body?
C2: Don't you realize what you're doing to yourself?
C3: I've had it with you guys and your cancer, your emphysema and your heart disease. The bottom line is, smoking is cool, and you know it.

Good luck!

Oh yeah~! Thank you everyone for the happy birthdays, both here and in facebook...especially Hannah who gets an awesome point for calling me :)
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