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New quote of the day...

Not much to report here...I'm feeling a little bit under the weather but hopefully with some good rest I'll feel better in no time...we'll see.

The answer yesterday was Gilmore Girls - Lorelai and Emily

TV Scores:

Sarah: 83
Daniel: 90
Jennifer: 63
Sarah: 38

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 14
Daniel: 18
Jennifer: 16
Sarah: 5
Hannah: 1

Oh and Sarah, I was unable to obtain a copy of that song because there aren't enough sources :( oh well. Maybe if we're ever online at the same time again and you're not running away you can send it to me that way ;)

In other news....yeah there is no other news. Life.

New quote:

C1: Relax! Who are they?
C2: Yeah, they're not better than me.
C1: Of course not.
C2: Who are they?
C1: They're nobody.
C2: What about me?
C1: What about you?
C2: Why them? Why not me?
C1: Why not you?
C2: I'm as good as them.
C1: Better!
C2: You really think so?
C1: No.

Good luck!
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