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So apparently everyone except me knows what I can do...whatever...

The answer yesterday was MST3K: Mike, Crow, and Servo

TV Scores:

Sarah: 81
Daniel: 88
Jennifer: 63
Sarah: 35

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 14
Daniel: 18
Jennifer: 16
Sarah: 5
Hannah: 1

Here is the new quote:

C1: I'm late.
C2: I know.
C1: Blame the insane people driving in front of me; they had a honk if you love to scuba dive bumper sticker on the back of their car so I honked.
C2: You don't scuba dive.
C1: Yes but I've been testing people who have "honk" bumper stickers lately to see if they really want people to honk...guess what, they don't. I lay on my horn and this, alleged scuba diver slows to a crawl right in front of me, just out of revenge, and I'm screwed.
C2: You need a hobby.
C1: Yes actually.

Weird fact about me: so every day I'm supposed to pick a quote and clearly I like all the shows I do this for, right? But every single day when I figure out what show I'm doing I say to myself (in my head) "What a great show!!" and I get all excited. That is how pathetic my life is.

Hope everyone else is having a good week.
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