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I have to go down for lunch but I'm already late posting this so here goes:

Answer: Seinfeld - Jerry and George

TV Scores:

Sarah: 57
Daniel: 70
Jennifer: 62
Sarah: 24

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 11
Daniel: 8
Jennifer: 14
Sarah: 3

Here is the MOVIE quote...once again, I give points for both character and actor names...and there's a whole separate thing for movies now so if anyone wants to join in *cough*Hannah*cough* just for Sunday movie guessing, you can!

Here it is:

C1: So what's wrong with her?
C2: Who?
C1: Your sister. You said it was serious.
C2: Oh yeah... shark bite.
C1: Shark bite?
C2: Yeah.
C1: And they took her to Silver City?
C2: Yeah, they have a really good...shark attack unit there.

Good luck!
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