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I know I have it good with Mondays and Fridays off an' stuff...but...I'm just so tired from trying to have everything done for the days I'm in school plus going to work...(imagine huge yawn). I really have not news...except I'm learning about economics in Spanish Business, the Dreyfus guy who was falsely accused of being a traitor in French culture...I really don't know what I'm learning in my other French culture/literature's the only class I just don't like. No real specific's boring and I don't really get what these people are talking about...they're pulling the crazy "deep" thing...I'm just not that deep. If people want to teach me something then tell me what it is...PLEASE! None of this stupid well they use nature and stuff to represent that wahwahwahwahwah...(imagine exagerated eye rolling).

We watched I, Robot tonight though as a kinda break and eat deal...I like that movie. Go Will Smith go. Yeah, I'm running out of steam here but it's either keep typing or do more (ugh) work. I saw Daniel off at the bus station yesterday. Good times. I've never been to a real bus station before. Yes, I am a country girl. Although I did find it fascinating, I like my simple life. Well...except for the school stuff...I'm hoping it will get better (mwahahahaha) I mean...I'm sure it will. I'm just so sick of it, you know? Most people are like, what? Rebekah? Doesn't like school? How can that be? Just for the record...just 'cause you do well at something doesn't mean you really like it. I'm not even doing as well as I used to. Maybe 'cause I don't enjoy it as much...the pressure with the having paid mass and mass amounts of money may have something to do with that.

Well, I'm going to bed now. I'm done with this stupid stuff. I'll get it done before I go to school tomorrow morning. I'm just too tired right now. Sleep...must...sleep!
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