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Not much to report...

Yesterday was grocery day so...good times all around. Mmmm...McDonalds. We also had a rent one get one free thing for the place in Hanover so we got "Man of the Year" and "The Nativity Story" . We watched Man of the Year last was...interesting...I think it was trying to get across a the rest of the plot wasn't as important...whatever. There are a lot of ellipses in this paragraph...

So the answer yesterday was Seinfeld. It's from the pilot. Good times. Here are the scores:

TV Scores:

Sarah: 49
Daniel: 58
Jennifer: 52
Sarah: 14

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 11
Daniel: 8
Jennifer: 14
Sarah: 3

So here is the new one:

C1: It's a cat.
C2: That is not a cat.
C1: Yes. It is.
C3: Why is it inside out?

Good luck, and have a great day!
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