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This has been edited since this morning...if you read it then...

Well I've had a pretty eventful last couple of days...Friday was Dan's b-day as you all know and so we did his gifts here then headed to Newmarket to do Feb/March birthdays there. We had a delicious dinner and played the Box of Things game (which is a lot of fun!!) and laughed unreasonably hard (lol...creepy guy in the movie theatre!! I will certainly be extra weary when I'm at the movies!!) in the middle of that Sarah got her casting call and so we went to bed lateish and then talked for an hour and then went to sleep. Sarah got up at some horrifying hour and left for the heaven on earth that is Hamilton and I slept later but not overly comfortably as the mattress we thought we had fixed was apparently no fully fixed and I woke up on the floor. So then we did gifts and stuff there (even though half of the family wasn't there as UB took Sarah to Hamilton and David was at work) and it was some good times. Then we went to Toronto to celebrate the March birthdays with Dad's side of the family which was also some good times...Hannah and I got to reminisce about JDF because she got apple juice spilled all over her...and we got to chat about Grey's Anatomy and the good/bad things about the most recent episode which was nice since I don't get a chance to do that very often because my family doesn't watch that show and Jennifer is never online at the same time as me :P

So the answers were:

MST3K - Crow, Mike, Servo (I don't think you watched it with me, Jen note the lack of nifer, I'm pretty sure I watched it pathetically by myself but it's an excellent episode!!)

Psych - Psych (Shawn) and Lassiter (I would have given you the point for "best friend" but it wasn't Gus..oh I didn't really address that to anyone in particular but you know who you are)

The points are:

Sarah: 31
Daniel: 42
Jennifer: 25

Good work people!!

Remember, the quote today is from a MOVIE and I accept both the actor and the character names so here you go:

C1: It'll never work.
C2: Why not?
C1: Because I hate you.
C2: There's only one business where that's no problem at all.
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