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Happy Birthday Daniel and Lauren!

So today is both Daniel and Lauren Graham's birthday so in honour of them...

Lauren's Valentines Day Interview on Ellen if you care (funny times!):

Daniel in the awesome Pickle commercial:

So happy birthday both of you!!

Oh here's a funny anecdote about my stupidity (no WONDER I don't have a job...):

I am so uncomfortable watching my computer stuff in my room 'cause I feel like everyone can hear it because of this weirdly anacousticked (that's probably not a word) house and I was pumped because GA was on last night and it's my ONLY show that was on this week (No HIMYM, Heroes, GG...Psych and Monk aren't coming on again until JULY but I do occasionally go to the usa web site for psych just to see the awesome "preview" thing that makes my day every am I off track!!) and so I was all excited but I excercise between 9-9:30 and then my day is pretty busy after that so I wanted to make sure I got it in. If you've already forgotten what I'm talking about: it's my stupidity today. So I got up at 8 and figured I'd use my earphones so nobody else would be disturbed, right? So I don't realize until the END of the show that they aren't plugged in all the way and so...yeah. My earphones plan didn't work at all. The end. Although I did really enjoy the episode this week 'cause it hasn't been on in awhile.

Anyway, now that I've bored you with random things that none of you likely care about...unless one day for some reason I move in with one of you...don't worry, if that's the case I will keep my earphones plugged in 24/ joke!! Actually that's probably a lie. But I would try.

So the answer yesterday was Friends (from the one...with the baby on the bus when Monica makes the kiwi lime pie or whatever and gives Ross the allergic reaction and then he has to get a needle - which was SO me) and obviously the characters were Monica and Ross

So the scores are:

Sarah: 25
Daniel: 35
Jennifer: 19

Good work!

Now I'm going to be away tonight and most of tomorrow so I'm giving you the quotes for both today and tomorrow and you have until Sunday to answer...but Sunday morning slacking off!!

Quote 1

C1: Hey, what's this movie called, man?
C2: It's called The Brute, Man!
C3: Et tu, brute man?

Quote 2

C1: You solved all these crimes - what was it - watching the local channel 8 news reports?
C2: All right, I confess, that's not true. Sometimes I watch channel 5. I prefer channel 8. The weather girl? Adorable.
C1: So you're telling us that you can read guilt off of TV interviews?
C2: Can't you?
C1: Don't you try and trivialize police work.
C2: I think you're doing a bang-up job of that all by yourself.

Good luck everyone and have a good day!
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