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Live Free or DIE HARD

Ok The Pursuit of Happyness is not only a must see for the fact that's it's pretty awesome times...but also...a certain preview...if you know me and have looked at the icon and title of this entry then you know exactly what I'm talking about!! I was so excited I almost DIED when the title went 'cause it's all these random things and then out of nowhere I see the words live free or die hard and my mouth dropped open and didn't shut until it was over! Ooooh Die Hard. He's a little older now but I'm sure he's still just as awesome! Good times!! So I was going to do more quote of the day stuff but I never did 'cause everything got too busy and even now I'm trying to go to bed 'cause I have to work tomorrow morning but I had to update about Die Hard!! I'll update a proper Christmas like entry tomorrow night...I hope...
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