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Finally exam is DONE!

I got a lot of flack because of only having one exam...and I'll admit that it was nice to only have to write one. However, being the oddular personality type I am I didn't relax until I had finished doing the exam which didn't happen until yesterday! How cruel and unusual is that?

I get to go Christmas shopping today! Yay! Hopefully I'll get a lot done. I do have some done...but not nearly as much as usual and I feel like a total heel. I don't know what to get people...I just payed my stupid tuition...had to get a student line of credit...Aaaaaargh! Hopefully this bitterness will GO AWAY! It's Christmas for pete's sake! I don't know if I should have capitalized that p or not, and frankly, je m'en fou!

Anyways, Merry Christmas everybody...I prob'ly won't be updating anytime have a wonderful holiday! I'll prob'ly see most of you over the break...except Melissa...have fun in England! Accents everywhere! *sigh* ttfn.
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