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Just some random thoughts but isn't it interesting that it takes so much longer to prepare food than it does to eat it? That sucks. Oh well. It was good while it lasted. Is it sad that this is the only real reason or my entry? *shrug* I have no other news...Oh I did clean out the fridge and freezer yesterday and organized things so I know for sure how much of everything i have. That way I'm not guessing for my shopping list. Woohoo. Ummm...other than that my life is pretty much the same. Same old, same old. Except I'm sad because I have to go into work an hour early so Yvonne can leave early. Don't get me wrong, I want/need the extra hour but she didn't call me until today and I don't like surprises.I am one of the least impulsive people I know.


So because I have no life and stuff and nobody is updating lj and I have a minute for dinner (woohoo for eating) here I am to ask...did anyone else find imdb really weirdly set up today? What the heck...the poll, trivia, and quote of the day are all up at the top! Did movies just stop happening or something? I'm so confused! Anyway I have to go get my nose back to the grindstone and stuff...but yeah. Just thought I'd share. lol...I almost just put rj 'cause that's what I do at the end of my memos at work! Good thing I'm on my way there...I'm already in the groove!
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