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Ok so here I am updating and stuff. Stranger Than Fiction is an excellent movie, I would highly recommend it. That's all I'm going to say. Also I just saw a Hugh Laurie interview and decided that, sadly, if Hugh Laurie used his real accent on the show I would have had a 75% higher chance of being hooked on House. Luckily for me it did not happen *phew* I'm too emotionally exhausted what with GG (stupid Lorelai!!), Heroes (where is Hiro???), How I Met Your Mother (Ted and Robin have to split up and I don't see it happening unmessily), and Grey's Anatomy (things just constantly happen on that show...) Crazy times!! Stupid tv.

I'm sleepy. I made something newish for dinner tonight. It was good. Woohoo. I need a drink of milk.

Also, in December I'm going to be doing quote of the day right up until Christmas. So I'm just telling y'all so you'll be prepared.

That is the end...
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