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Feeling Happier today...

Ok so I'm feeling happier about myself and about life in general today for a couple of reasons. First of all I went on msn/mercury for the first time in seriously, I haven't been on in months. AND three people were talking to me!! :D:D:D Happy exciting times! So I talked to Jen, Hannah, and Sarah. And then I went to see The Prestige with Jen and her family (well, Brad, Carol, and John anyway) and we had some hilarious times and I was able to forget the way I was deserted online by my own flesh and blood...The Prestige was so good! I mean, well I won't say anything because saying anything would give stuff away...but yeah, you should see it! All I'll say is that boys are stupid. That is what the movie taught me. But it was done so well!! Even though I do have a problem with the lack of Hugh's accent...I mean, come on! He's living in England! I love his accent! Even when it's British instead of Australian. I'm bitter about that. But I'm totally blown away by the movie. Totally.

Also I am sooooo excited about Spiderman 3 (I just watched the new trailer again). Other than that I don't remember what I was going to yeah...that's the end.
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