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Oooooh Halloween

Ok so I'm actually feeling more Christmassy than Halloweeny 'cause I was like I should watch a "scary" movie! It's Halloween! So I watched Lethal Weapon (the scariest movie I would've watched Scream but we just recently had a Scream fest so I'm kinda screamed out) and it's a total Christmas movie!! It's not even just that it takes place at Christmas...there's music and merry Christmasing through the whole thing! So Sarah, if you read this anytime soon, we need to add it to our "Christmas" action movie fest thing what with Die Hard and everything...

This is my first Halloween by myself...weird. Only kid came to the door. Awesome. Well at least I have lots of left overs...Mmmmm chocolate.

So happy Halloween everyone!!

Wow...I said Halloween a LOT in this entry...

p.s. lol they're making a sequel to Superman Returns... I vote they call it "Superman Re-returns" haha...oh well, you'll only get it/think it's funny if you watch HIMYM....but I put it in here anyway ;)
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