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Do do do do do....

I'm soooooo excited that Christmas is almost here...but I'm also slightly panicked...I have not started shopping AT ALL! I mean, I've gone out with the intention of shopping but just never could find what I wanted to buy! What's with that? I've been getting my excercising done! Yay for me! This is exciting because I'm just so lazy. Saturday I'm going to get to see Ocean's Twelve and I AM EXCITED!! I really really liked Ocean's Eleven. They better not mess up the second one. That would make me bitter. Bah.

I get an extra 4 hours at work this week which is excellent because I'm in desperate need of money. Christmas time/time to pay for next term does that to me. Grrr...

Well, anything new to share? Not really. Just life as usual. Except for talking with Hannah on msn Saturday night for...a really long time...yay for people being on msn at the same time as me!

I've had the weirdest things to eat today! It's peculiar! Oh well, that's not too unusual for me really anyway. I totally eat weird things all the time. Well, what I eat isn't weird...just when I step back and think about the things I've eaten today it's kinda crazy.

Well, I'll see y'all on the flip side! Whatever the heck that means...who comes up with these sayings?

P.S. MST3K ROX! No matter what Robert says...the twerp!
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