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So I just watched The Sentinel (by myself, like the loser I am :P) because nobody else in the world seemed to really want to see it. It wasn't like I was sitting around clawing my eyes out because I hadn't seen it yet, but it was something to do on a Sunday afternoon. If you don't care or have already seen it then you can read my thoughts:

So it's a pretty good movie, except I didn't really care too much for Michael Douglas' a side note I'd take Kiefer over Michael any day but to each her wasn't like I was sitting on the edge of my seat to find out what happened to him. The story was interesting so I was into that...I just was like, oh well if Michael's character dies it'll suck I guess but my life will go unchanged. Well, I prob'ly wouldn't have been overly fond of the ending because I am very particular about things like that but you know what I mean. Well I actually have no idea if you know what I mean. Whatever. That is the end. Oh except that Kiefer is like the Grissom of the secret service. That made me happy. He follows the evidence. Granted it's not forensic but I did get to see some of that too...some random guy was in a lab helping Mr. Zeta-Jones fingerprint a cup. Oh and they were in Toronto and so I was all "Canada rocks!" and stuff. Well...for 2 seconds when I saw the skyline. Then I almost forgot they were in Canada. The end .

Otherwise my day has been pretty slow aside from emailing back and forth with Sarah. Good times. Clean Dishes. etc, etc, etc.

Wow if I didn't know me I don't know that I'd be friends with me. So therefore you guys are awesome. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!
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