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Weird Dream

Ok...I don't have much time but I know how Sarah likes dream posts so here it is:

So I'm not actually in the dream I'm just kind of watching it...but Catherine from CSI is chasing some girl and then she catches up with her and asks her what the problem is and the girl says she went to the wrong arena originally (obviously it was starting in the middle of the story 'cause although Catherine seems to totally know what's going on I certainly don't) So then she's like DARN IT! And she looks over towards the arena she was coming from and Wolverine comes running towards her (well, by that I mean Hugh Jackman) and it turns out that they're engaged to be married today...but there's this maniac man trying to kill Catherine. So they go hide in this room and then her cell phone rings and it's maniac man and all he says is "You'll know when I'm coming". So now Catherine is all freaking out and Hugh/Wolverine is trying to comfort her. So then I notice in my watching that there is no door to this room...just a door way...and this music starts and Hugh's like "I didn't pick this did you?" and Catherine starts freaking out...I imagine this has something to do with the back story we don't know, and maniac man (who turns out to be a creepy William Shatner in an orange jumpsuit...I'm guessing he escaped from prison...) starts coming towards the door so Catherine hides stupidly just next to the door with a big piece of foam that she tries to use to push him over with when he comes through the door but **SHOCK** that doesn't work and he stabs her...what the heck??? I think I need to get more sleep!

The end
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