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Ok I know most of you don't care about Gilmore Girls except maybe I used this nifty lj cut to make my random GG thoughts!

Ok so I know I'm a rare breed because I like Christopher and feel sorry for him but it was awesome when Luke punched him!! I was totally cheering him on. Luke has apparently suddenly and randomly lost his crazy pills...kind of a la Maddie in Season that makes me really happy except that now he's somehow convinced that he and Lorelai were just never meant to be together which kinda sucks...I thoroughly enjoyed the turning their house into Asia to cheer Rory up. Oh and I still feel bad for Christopher because Lorelai used him...but at the same time he kind of took advantage of her because she had JUST broken up with Luke and was SUPER upset and wanted a friend...but since we didn't see what went on exactly and how it worked it's hard to say...though imo he should have been more like Ross was for Rachel in that one episode of Friends where Rachel's Dad has a heart attack...which if you are crazy like me and know every episode of every show you watch you will know what I'm talking about..I"m glad that Lane and Zack are back and just as crazy as ever. Some things don't change. I really want Luke and Lorelai to get back together 'cause they're both miserable without each other but oh well...if we're lucky and that happens then it won't be until MUCH later on in the season. So that's the end of that. What the HECK am I listening to? Where did it come from? Definitely not English! I'll talk to y'all/Sarah (since you're the only GG fan who probly read this) later!

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