beksi_cola (beksi_cola) wrote,

My Dream

So for some reason Sarah, Dave, Dan, and I are in my car going to pick Peter up. We get there (where there is I really don't's got a security gate and it's like a maze of buildings) and I'm elected to go get him. He's in the very last building and I'm walking at a pretty good clip; then I get to his building and he comes out with some girl and his shirt unbuttoned, like seriously only the last two buttons were done up, and I'm freaking out because the girl isn't Janice. So then the girl leaves and I don't know what to do because he's heading back towards the car and I don't want him to know I've seen him so I'm running and taking a "short cut" to cut him off which I never end up doing. I get back to the car and Dan's standing waiting for me and he's like "I left after you and found him and brought him back!" and I spazzed out and went to tell Mom and Dad to take him in their car 'cause I didn't want him in mine (yes, out of nowhere mom and dad were just there, which was good 'cause we wouldn't have all fit really well in my car) and then when I go back to my car Dan and Dave are in the front and Sarah's in the back saying it wasn't my idea! And so I spaz AGAIN 'cause clearly I'm the spazzing type (actually this was all very close to real life, on a bad day I would do that) and get in the van with Mom and Dad...and I guess Peter but you know I never saw him again after I lost him while following him. So Sarah comes to go with me in the van. Then suddenly the two of us are in my car and Sarah's driving (even though she doesn't have her license even in my dream) and she's like "Talk about bringing back all the good memories, eh?" and I'm looking around and I don't recognize any of it then I look forward again and we're driving into a lake! Then I woke up. Sufficiently creeped out because it all was stuff that could actually happen. Except Sarah driving without her license (at least in my car :P).
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