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Another term finally OVER!!!!!!!!!

Well, I just printed off my last assignment for this term. How weird is that? I feel like this term has just flown's funny, 'cause if I look back at each individual day it was a really long term. In terms of weeks and months just zoooooooomed right by.

Well, I saw "Finding Neverland" and, at the risk of ruining it for you IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!! I know, you'll all go see it now and be like "What was she talking about, it wasn't that good..." but frankly, I don't care. It's soo on my list of movies to own when it comes out. Granted it's not an incredibly happy movie...but I'm not going to say anything about the actual movie because there are just no words...

Other than that my life has been pretty normal. Except for my dinner with Sarah G. on Saturday know you're in a small town when...We went to "the" restaurant in Alma (there really is only one restaurant there) and it was crazy packed so we were waiting on there veranda thing cause there was a line-up. We finally got into the restaurant to wait and this lady comes in behind us and she's like, "oh, it looks pretty busy..." After about 5 minutes she takes off her coat and says to us "I'll just go see if there's a table I can clear off for you." So off she goes on her merry way. Then when we do get a table there were 2 tables pushed together so 8 people could sit there. The couple in front of us went and sat at the one table and then we ended up sitting with them so someone else could have the other table of four. Basically we ate with 5 strangers. Oh I love small towns...What I really do love though is small town restaurant coleslaw. If you like coleslaw you can't beat small town stuff. Both the Varney Inn and Marj's Kitchen or whatever it's called in Alma...amazing! I highly recomend it.

Well, I'm exhausted and have to go into school tomorrow (basically because I'm a chump) so I'll talk to you all later! Have a fantastic week or day or however long it is until I write again!
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