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Auld Lang Syne...

I have no idea if that's spelled right...and I don't care. I just watched What A Wonderful Life. What an amazing movie. I mean, I watch it every year but it's one of the only movies that almost makes me cry (that's quite a feat since I NEVER cry at movies). Everyone should watch that movie this time of year. It's such a good movie.

Well that'e enough out of me. The Walk to Bethlehem finally got done and I'm so relieved. Jen and I decided we're NOT planning it next year. We're going to put together a book "How to plan your own Walk to Bethlehem" and donate it to the church library. I'm soooo tired. It's really late but I'm feeling good 'cause I just watched a "feel good" movie. I love those kinds of movies.

Well, I hope everyone makes it through exams/the rest of school ok. Good luck!!
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