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Day 1

Well, day one is over. Good was about a 12 hour travelling day. We left around 8 so that we could catch the Chi Chee Maun around 11:20. Ooooh the Chi Chee's funny because if you know me you know that when I go on rides like the swinging ship and the buckets at Wonderland I can't stop giggling because of the funny feeling in my stomach. Since there was some wind and stuff yesterday there were some waves going on and I was laughing so much! Especially when I couldn't walk in a straight line; that only made me laugh harder. I am SO easily amused!

So we made it all the way to Wawa pretty much uneventfully. Northern Ontario is soooo pretty I just can't get over it! Maybe later I'll post some of our pictures (bless the invention of the digital camera). Luckily for me I have access to Dad's laptop so I should be able to make some relatively regular updates over the trip. Keep ya'll up to date without having to just try to remember what's happened as we go along. I'm sooo tired. We got here (Wawa) around...8:30 last night. Then we ate dinner so we didn't get to bed until around 11:30 and I got up today at 7 so I could take a shower so I'll be fresh for the road. We're staying at some crazy little motel that briefly gave Daniel and me flashbacks to the "Bates Motel" from a certain movie. Luckily we are all still alive (it actually isn't that bad...the guy we thought was the owner is actually a guest so we were good to go!).

Well, I've got to go...I need an advil if I'm going to make it through the rest of this day headache free. I woke up with a TERRIBLE headache but hopefully that goes away.

Signing off!
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