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Ok I NEED to stop watching tv before I go to work...I just watched an episode of HIMYM that didn't end and I don't have time to watch another episode before I go to work!!! Man...I'm bitter. That's really the only point of this entry...anything else new to report? Hmmmm...Really not. I work. I sleep. I work on the house. I eat. In my down time I usually read or watch some tv/movies. It's funny...I was sure there was something I was going to write in here...but I haven't. Oh there are some really good one liners in "The Deadly Mantis" of MST3K; of course if you haven't seen much MST3K I would also suggest: Jack Frost, Werewolf, and Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell.Ooooooh the hilarious good times. So I'll see you all sometime...figuratively.
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