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Quote time!

Ok so here I am...I have a funny story but no time to tell it! Darn lunch hour!

The answer yesterday was MST3K - Mike, Crow, and Tom Servo...good times...I can't remember what episode I lifted that from but I'm going to have to find it...


Sarah: 361
Daniel: 170
Jennifer: 408
Melissa: 80
Sarah: 351

New Quote:

C1: He is…he is…
C2: Old. Just say it, dude, grandpa’s OLD
C3: He’s not a grandpa
C1: Did you know how old he was?
C3: He sounded YOUNG on the phone
C2: Right here points at corners of eyes, he’s got some LINES. That blows my mind!
C1: What is he, late thirties?
C2: Pushing forty
C1: He was alive before man walked on the moon!
C2: Don’t do that man; you’re freaking me out!

Good luck!
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