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Ok well...

Ok so they're calling me in to work early so here I am updating at a normalish time again! I've been trying to use the techniques Sarah taught me over the last week...well...our 10 minute lesson make fabulous icons, but for some reason they aren't turning out that fabulous. Oh well...practice makes perfect...I guess.

Alright so the answer to yesterday's quote is Seinfeld - Jerry and Elaine. Here are the scores:

Sarah: 357
Daniel: 169
Jennifer: 404
Melissa: 80
Sarah: 347

Ok so here is the new one (it's pretty long):

C1: It just so happens I've written a topical, satirical review that we call...
C1,2,3: Supercalafragalistic-expialawacky!
C1: Ha ha ha he he hoo!
C2: Go, go, go! I got it, I got it, I got it! Okay, get out of the way!
C3: [C3 enters dressed as Uncle Sam] I'm the government, I'm the government, I'm filled with bloats and perks. I'm the government, I'm the government, I'm the reason nothing works.
C2: [with money in head and reading script] Boy I tell you, it's not easy bein' the working man, but at least I've earned an honest day's wage and I can...
C3: Thank you!
[steals money]
C2: Hey!
C1: I'm the crime bill: bang-bang! I'm the crime bill: bang-bang! I get shot at every day. I'm the crime bill: bang-bang! I'm the crime bill: bang-bang! I'm opposed by the NRA. Bang, Bang! ack, ahh
C3: [now wearing baseball cap] Hello Mr. Senator. My daddy's out of work, and he says it's because of the deficit. So I saved some money in my piggy bank, and I'm going to give it to you to lower the deficit. If an 8 year old kid can save money, how come the government can't?
C2: Honk, honk.
C1: Beep, beep.
C1,2,3: Government gridlock!
C1,2,3: Honk, honk!
C1: Beep, beep...
C1,2,3: Government gridlock!
C2: There's a traffic jam at the Congress intersection,
C1: But the light is red unless there's an election!
C3: Government sure can get tacky,
C1,2,3: It's Supercalafragalistic-expialawacky!

lol...good times...hopefully you enjoy the insanity that is this quote
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