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Not much time...

Well I just got home from work and it was quite the busy day. But anyway...on to more important the answer yesterday was Red Dwarf - Rimmer and Lister (you have seen it, it's from the first episode). So the scores are:

Sarah: 357
Daniel: 166
Jennifer: 401
Melissa: 80
Sarah: 347

Yay for crossing the 400 mark! When everyone else gets back from hibernation I'll have a special "crossed 400 + summer fun" quote special. But for now, since you are the only guessing for unknown reasons, I'm just going to do one for today.

New Quote:

C1: Did you find out who stabbed him?
C2: Yeah, it turns out it was his ex-girlfriend.
C1: Well, you're not going near this hooligan anymore.
C2: Well, I don't know. I mean, think about it. There must be something exciting about this guy if he can arouse that kind of passion. I mean, to be stab-worthy. You know, it's kind of a compliment.
C1: Yeah, too bad he didn't get shot. He could have been the one.

Good luck!
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